3 Steps to Building User-Friendly and Secure Systems

3 Steps to Building User-Friendly and Secure Systems

Today organizations are faced with a dilemma when it comes to balancing the need to deliver an exceptional user experience on desktop and mobile devices and protecting company and personal data. Protection can run the gamut from no password needed, inputting a fingerprint or a litany of passwords every few minutes, or the use of more modern and secure innovations such as continuous biometric verification and recognition.

As a “security guy” myself, the idea of vulnerable data gives me cold sweats, but as a “regular guy” who buys tickets, sends email and checks my bank balance through my computer and mobile phone, I have to admit that a constant barrage of security measures is annoying. And it’s not just an inconvenience: companies lose billions of dollars a year as a result of customers not completing transactions because there are too many roadblocks – including security prompts.

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