Access Control System

Access Control System

Access Control System

1. Biometric (Fingerprint / Face etc.)

A) FM-1000(with key pad) and FM-2000(without key pad)

B) Fingkey Access

C) NAC-2500 / NAC-2500 PLUS

D) IP-Finger007

E) F3 Biometric Facial Access Control

F) Fingkey Hamster : Fingerprint Registration Device

2. Proximity Card Reader System (EM/Smart Cards etc.)

A) 513 (Stand Alone / On-Line)

B) IP-RFL 200(Standlone), IP-RFL 200C(Network)

C) IP-100R, Stand alone

3. Digital Door Locks

A) With Handle : DUKE

B) Without Handle : CHAMP

4. Network Access Control Units

For large capacity, this ACU can be used together with readers

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