CCTV System

CCTV System

CCTV System

We specialize in installation of high resolution IP CCTv systems including PTZ cameras. Our team of experts also works with you to make it possible for remote viewing over the internet, LAN as well as through mobile phone applications.

1. Camera

1) Ordinary Camera

A) Dome Camera

B) Box/Bullet Camera

C) Speed Dome Camera

2) IP Camera

A) Dome Camera

B) BOX Camera

C) Speed Dome Camera

2. DVR(Digital Video Camera)

1) Stand-Alone Network DVR

with Vandal Proof Case

2) Hybrid Network DVR(36CH)

A) HB-3616(16 Ordinary Camera + 20 IP Camera)

B) HB-3632(32 Ordinary Camera + 4 IP Camera)

3) CMS (Central Monitoring System) S/W

A) CMS-16

B) StaCMS64 / CNS-36 / CMS-64 / CMS-72 / CMS-128

3. Network Audio/Video Server

Enable to use traditional analogue cameras to digital IP camara system.

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