Hand Held Explosive Detector System

Hand Held Explosive Detector System

Hand Held Explosive Detector System

Our highly reliable and handy explosives detectors supports fast and easy detection of dangerous objects as, for instance, weapons and explosives and more

with very high selectivity for explosives and immunity to humidity problems. Micro sec. hand held explosive detector or explosive trace detector detects traces of particulates and vapors of explosives, non-sensitive in luggage, mail, cars, trucks, clothing, electronic articles, backpacks, documents and containers.

Kinds of Detection : C-4, black powder, PETN, Semtex, RDX, TNT, Ammonium and Urea Nitrates, Dynamite, NG, ICAO taggants, EGDN & DMNB, TATP,and peroxides, nitrates etc.

1. GSS 3500 : Traditional Model. detects not only commercially available explosives(peroxide explosives)
but also home made explosives(nitrate based explosives) which many other brand can not detect.

2. UEDD : Unique Infrared sampling mode(not available on any other Explosive Detectors) enables the detection of non volatile explosives in vapor mode. Radio active material(Dirty Bomb) detection(optional) available.

3. Mini Explonix : latest model. more compact type with cheaper price with excellent detection.


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