X-Ray Scanner

X-Ray Scanner

X-Ray Scanner

We supply and install reliable, High quality intelligent X-ray Baggage inspection Machine, that is Capable of expediently observing the magnifying area.material identification:Organic objects, inorganic objects, mixture Assist to detect drug and explosive powder.

1. Cabinet type (for mail, parcel and baggage scanning)

– Compact floor standing

– Size of screening chamber : 56(D) x 42(W) x 53.5(H’T)cm


2. Conveyor type (for baggage/luggage screening)

– Good for building entry security check

– Thanks to our unique 6 color software which significantly enhances the operator’s ability to identify suspicious items
(3 color imaging is being used by other manufacturers)

– Detection materials : organic and inorganic items such as weapons, explosives and narcotics

– Real Time Diagnostics – a unique features which allows users to monitor the machine

1) WG IS5335 

– Tunnel Size : 53(W) x 35(H’T)cm

– Steel penetration(Armor Capacity) : 12mm

2) WG IS1080 

– Tunnel Size : 100(W)x 80(H’T)cm

– Steel penetration : 39mm

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