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Disinfection Booth

Coronavirus fight takes sci-fi turn with walk-in disinfecting booth.

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  • The typical booth, first checks a person’s temperature with a thermal camera before welcoming them inside for a 40-second disinfection process.
  • More modern booths have an interior surface equipped with antimicrobial coating which can remotely kill virus and bacteria on human bodies and clothing.
  • The booth is basically a door and tunnel type design, enclosed on the sides and with an entrance and exit.
  • When a human enters the tunnel:
  • sensors placed around the interior sense human presence.
  • sensors give output to electronic circuits.
  • electronic circuits activate a number of sprayers in the tunnel.
  • sprayers spray disinfectant toward the center of the tunnel for a set amount of time(10sec, 15sec, 20sec etc).


  1. No you will not get socked in disinfectant as it is pumped at such a high pressure that it’s only in vapor form.
  2. A toddler is not allowed into the tunnel, but the mother is.
  3. No effect on hair for ladies as the disinfectant is only in vapor form.
  4. The disinfection is not 100% but your chances of infection are reduced significantly.
  5. Keep your mask on, your hands clean, no face touching and maintain distance physical.
  6. Get out when you absolutely have to.

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