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Line Crossing is one of the behavior detection features you will find in today’s smart security surveillance systems.

Simply put, if a person crosses a predefined virtual line, the camera or the NVR(Network Video Recorder) will automatically detect the event and can trigger alarms or recording according to the pre-configured setup.


What you will need is to first identify the perimeter that you want to guard against suspicious boundary breaching. This may be your property at times when you normally do not expect anyone to be moving around the area, your vehicle in a parking lot, etc.

At this point you have several options.

  • Get a smart camera/s with a deep learning algorithm that has the line crossing detection feature. This set up will only require a camera and a computer for initial setup. You may then opt to use a software installed on the PC for functions like sending emails when line crossing occurs and searching through footage recorded on the camera’s SD card for line crossing events. The camera can also be connect to alarm output devices to trigger action on detection.
  • Get a smart camera/s and a smart NVR, or use a normal camera (2mp and above) with the smart NVR. In this case, the first option is better for flexibility and efficiency. The second option is suitable if you already have IP cameras installed that are 2mp and above, though the NVR will only be capable of executing smart detection on a limited number of channels in this setup. You will then set up the virtual line in the cameras. Alarm outputs on the camera/s or the NVR can then be used to interface with other alarm devices e.g audible alarm speakers, smart locks, etc.

Line crossing detection may have some obvious drawbacks also, mainly false alarms, triggered by things like animals, pets, birds etc. Many smart systems manufacturers bundle their products with smart technologies that are able to filter out most of these false alarms and only notify the surveillance center when human presence is detected.

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