A closed-circuit television – video surveillance. CCTV systems may operate continuously or can be set up to only capture particular events (more on that below)

We have enough experience and skill to ensure we execute a professional, reliable and usable installation that serves to fulfill the needs of the client.

We install different types of CCTV surveillance systems according to the clients requirements. No need to worry about space coverage and installation constraints as we’ll do all the mapping, design, and draw up the best plan for you.

CCTV Systems can be set up in a variety of ways to serve the intended specific intended purposes – Intelligent Video Monitoring.

  • They include:
    • People counting
    • Heat maps
    • Line crossing
    • Face Capture
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Queue management
    • Unattended baggage
    • Region entrance and Region exit
    • Object removal

We also install systems for remote monitoring – so you see exactly what’s happening back home while you are at work.


CCTV connection
Typical CCTV installation

We install both IP based CCTV cameras and Analog cameras.

We do advice our clients on the minimum storage requirements based on the minimums set by the law, going by the number of cameras for installation and the recording quality.