In this context Access Control is a security technique for authentication and authorization.

It is a method of enforcing a company’s security policy where only authorized individuals are given appropriate access to company property and data according to the access level granted.


We source, supply, install and maintain access control systems from enterprise wide installations to medium and small scale installations.


We also provide maintenance services and upgrades to existing systems. Access control systems can be setup in many ways according to scale and site properties. We will analyze everything for you and give you the best possible solution that suites your organizational needs.

Access control systems range from a simple one door system to an enterprise wide system covering an entire building’s doors and elevators, spread across multiple buildings in multiple cities.

The basic access control system constitutes:

  • Access reader – may be standalone or connected to a software.
  • Maglock – an electromagnetic lock that does the actual locking of the door and receives “open door” command from either the access reader, exit button or exit switch.
  • Exit button / Exit switch – connected to the access reader and is normally used to open the door from the inside by sending an “open door” command to the access reader.
Larger enterprise-wide installations consist of much more elements including: Access Controllers, Master-slave devices, Override switches, Network switch, server software, door control panels and many more.

Below is a sample connection setup

Access control accessories.